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Best bead embroidery kits

The world of beads is multifarious. Some of the crafters creating jewelry,some loves bead embroidery. porpoise you best bead embroidery kits. If you revise our categories you,surely,will detect that own kit for adults or children. Designs our beaded kits are so different that you want,dearest visitor,prettify not only your hand by beautiful bracelet,but sew on the old bag and do it special with your new embroidery.


Our figures

Number of kits sold per year
Colors of beads in one kit
Order processing time
more than 10 000
more 25 regularly
8 - 23
no more than 72 hours

Bead embroidery kits: about

Our command is from Ukraine,but we work in the whole world because embroiderers and bead-makers are anywhere. Sets are universal and can be using not only as decoration of walls but for decoration of clothes and accessories. selling beaded embroidery kits in this configuration:

  • canvas with patterns on it
  • bead kit
  • beading needles
  • thread for embroidery
  • bead embroidery instruction

Why choosing our bead embroidery kits

Canvas is the durable fabric with a distinct picture. You can embroider on it by needle or special tool called “kantan”.

By the way

  • Kantan create a stitch that reminds you of a tambour dart. It punch accuracy canvas and does not spoil fabric structure.
  • Kantan and hoop will help easy cope with beading to beginners or masters.
  • All designers of clothing used at least one time the bead embroidery in own collections.

Painting applied such dyes will not lose colors for many years because stabilizer is present in paints. We think about our buyers and diversity of pictures is very large. You can find bead embroidery kits for beginners with simple patterns and complex drawings for the masters of their craft on our website even you live in the USA,Canada or UK.

For the lovely crafters, chose one the most popular Preciosa Ornela beads. We check full every bead embroidery kits for sale before sending to the customer,to the availability of a complete set of beads. Every beadpoints are selected as a seed – by size and by number. Needlepoint easily enters canvas and does not spoil its structure,and threads for embroidering beads are rugged.

We send tutorials in each embroidery beading kits about how to right read a pattern,what tools need to use,what materials and supplies can be using. Here you read about techniques for stitching,the foundation of beading,how to conceal tips of threads. If you will have questions,you can contact with backing of the website.

Bead embroidery kits for all monitoring quality of beading embroidery kits. We want that comes to new clients and those who already cooperate with us can be satisfied always. Our goals are:

  • to teach,
  • to support,
  • to develop

of the art of beaded embroidery and to expand opportunities artists of beadworking. Every bead embroidery kits buy in Canada or bead embroidery kits delivered to the USA or in other countries can be present for mom or childhood friends,can decorating books.


By the way

  • Most popular color of beads in the world is № 1 (black and matte black/jet/jet hematite)

Hill and ocean,birds and fish,ships and unicorns,mill and home in bead embroidery kits create new masters that using own imagination can complement it's by diamond,border,rhinestone or sequins. After that,modified pictures were inserted into the frames. Every set for beading from is suite for spiritual creativity from beginner to ace of handmade.

You can find our bead embroidery kits for sale on Amazon,Etsy,eBay. Be happy when you do what you love!

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